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Angst With A Laz0r by z-a-c-k Angst With A Laz0r :iconz-a-c-k:z-a-c-k 3 6 The Hidden Pool by LoveHeartsSeas The Hidden Pool :iconloveheartsseas:LoveHeartsSeas 5 6 Butterfly's Smile by CrappyArtistTumte Butterfly's Smile :iconcrappyartisttumte:CrappyArtistTumte 46 86 Myself. by sicklydisturbed Myself. :iconsicklydisturbed:sicklydisturbed 3 14
Why is it
I can never make my words
As complicated
As my thoughts?
:iconreluctantatheist:ReluctantAtheist 1 0
Fireworks1 by SakuraNishiwaki Fireworks1 :iconsakuranishiwaki:SakuraNishiwaki 5 2
Old Flavor
A gray dawn breaks and I haven't slept yet.
The four walls around me are enclosed like a promised seal, and closing faster.
A wreckage of this past month collides within and around my cluttered thinking space.
Dirty cereal bowls and sticky spoons.
Old clothes like fruit of the loom.
Unceremoniously tousled on the floor and the desk that consist my room.
Ah but the bed I have forgotten...
When it is the first thing on my mind.
A place to sleep
A place to fuck
A place to rest your tired head...
A place to lie while not sleeping.
The same place where he once rested his head.
The one thing that I could never enter...
I'm washing your things now...
Packing it away and saving it for later...
Like that once chewed gum that's lost it's flavor.
But you've been chewing it for so god damned long that you don't want to have that empty space that was your mouth anymore.
(Maybe I want to try spearmint this time).
I plan to burn things, you know...
Burn that which holds the polyethylene memories and
:iconermer:Ermer 2 10
i am
an intruder in your heart,
but you graciously permit
my residence in
a small clean corner.
my own place.
You have my thanks, always.
meek eyes that can't hold yours
find instead wondrous
patterns in the floor
tiles and wallpaper;
no sharing, i'm
just grateful
that i
just enough to notice myself.
:iconkathrynkelly:KathrynKelly 1 7
Whipped by DWALKER1047 Whipped :icondwalker1047:DWALKER1047 8 0
Letters to Love
Dear love,
  It's been so long
  Since you let my lips
  Carress anothers.
  I have not felt the rush
  In far too long.
  Why do you keep
  Your gift hidden so?
  Why are you determined to
  Bury me in misery?
Dear Man,
  Is that all you care for,
  The rush of a momentarty touch?
  If a short lived lust
  Is what you want
  Go ask your neighbor
  She can teach you that!
  Truly, if i had no mercy
  You would rather die alone
  Than wake me for such trifle deeds!
Oh, hateful Love,
  Why toture me so?
  You know i wish to commit!
  Infact, when I ask for this trifle kiss,
  I have another's soul in mind.
  A soul i might entrap through
  The rush of short lived touch.
Romantic Man,
  Such a noble request
  I may wish to honor.
:iconfledglingpoet:fledglingpoet 2 2
Unfinished comic part by GleamofDreams Unfinished comic part :icongleamofdreams:GleamofDreams 2 3 untitled408 by lukelux untitled408 :iconlukelux:lukelux 1 1 untitled3950 by lukelux untitled3950 :iconlukelux:lukelux 1 0 untitled3964 by lukelux untitled3964 :iconlukelux:lukelux 1 0 Soon Enough by MrGlory Soon Enough :iconmrglory:MrGlory 755 195 Corporate Pandemonium 08 by andi3olotic Corporate Pandemonium 08 :iconandi3olotic:andi3olotic 137 64



If your wanting to get ahold of me about using this profile or just need to get ahold of me for whatever other reason you can contact me by aim. My screen name is Shirow Kamui. I am also on msn and yahoo messengers where I use the email You can also just email me there if you like. If for whatever reason those don't work, I also have a gmail account at You can get ahold of me on google messenger or just by email.


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